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Is "Smilemall" a scam? [closed]

Çağlar Arlı      -    13 Views

Is "Smilemall" a scam? [closed]

I found a very good deal (almost everything else on the site has a normal price) on acsung.top and was initially pretty interested but there are some things that make me question if I can trust this vendor:

  • I can find almost nothing about acsung or Smilemall online
  • Why would a company called Smilemall have the domain acsung.top?
  • Some of the links on their website are broken
  • When you go to checkout, there is a spot for coupon codes but, similar to the website, I can not find anything about these coupons anywhere
  • The email at the bottom of the page is x24@vipserver.vip which:
    a) does not seem very professional,
    b) uses a domain I have never seen before,
    c) does not exist to an email checker website,
    d) according to emailHippo, the email is unverifiable with a trust score of 3, uses cloudflare (which my brother says is "very sus")
  • According to Wikipedia, .top domains are often used for malware and phishing, and the TLD is included in the list of those banned for some antimalware vendors such as Malwarebytes

While writing this, I realized it seems very likely that this is a scam and my evidence points pretty conclusively that this website is a scam. However, I am nowhere near a professional and this is my first time looking into website security so a second opinion would be reassuring.

After another look, it looks like there are a lot of crazy deals