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SAP Solutions:
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Caglar Arlı offers solutions to thousands of customers since 2000, adding value with a perfectionist perspective. Caglar offers a superior experience to its customers with an unusual consulting mentality and offers a high return on Investment Return. In addition to its implementation consultancy, it also positions SAP projects as investment, not expense, through the experience of process consultancy.

Universities, public and municipalities, consumer products and Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) methodology of SAP for these sectors. Cost and time saving approach based on experience makes a difference in the minimum project risk with SAP consulting services in Turkey. Caglar, which publishes its own products in the SAP Store, presents Turkish engineers’ products all over the world.

What is SAP?
SAP (Systems, Apllications and Products), headquartered in Walldorf Germany and an office in more than 130 countries, is the world’s leading provider of enterprise business software. SAP is the 4th software company in terms of turnover, and SAP, which is located in 4 different geographical areas, offers company software applications to various companies.

How SAP is a Program?
SAP is business solution software that supports companies in implementing company strategic plans, building high system performance, making fast and effective decisions, and meeting key business objectives. SAP has various products. These,

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)
SCM (Supply Chain Management)
BOBJ (Business Object)
XmII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence)
Enterprise Central Component (ECC)
What is SAP Consultant?
They are consultants who bridge the existing processes of the companies with SAP processes and support the smooth transition of the process. SAP consultants are divided into module modules such as FI consultant, PP consultant, MM consultant.

It is not enough for SAP consultants to specialize in MCIs, but they also need to be certified as experts in the modules concerned. It is very difficult to find a certified SAP Consultant in our country today, companies are in serious position needs in this field.

With the experience of ages, SAP offers certified trainings while doing full cycle projects.

Customer Relationship Management [CRM]:
SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides you with insights and estimates of what your size customer needs will be, and what you will need to build long-term, profitable relationships with your customers. SAP CRM solutions enable you to combine employees, partnerships, processes and technology. Once they are able to convert shoppers.

Marketing, Sales, Service, Analytical, Field Services, E-Commerce, Customer Service Center Services and Management and Channel Management.

The customer association cycle takes place at every step of the cycle by providing you with all the features and functionality you need, such as marketing planning, campaign management, tele selling, and segmentation by the lead.

SAP CRM and real-time availability controls allow contact management, billing management, order fulfillment monitoring, and order tracking. In addition to SAP CRM you can deal with all the channels instantly, such as customer interaction center, Web-based customer self-service features, service and complaint management, field service and distribution, management.

Supply Chain Management [SCM]:
With the SAP Supply Chain Management solution, we provide you with all the features you need to design and operate your future supply chain. SAP Supply Chain Management; providing a robust coordination that provides you with the features that determine the processing exceptions, monitoring finance, information and substance processes. The coordination features of SAP Supply Chain Management help you to transform your flat and sequential supply chains into adaptable supply chain networks that provide a dynamic, multi-domain environment. SAP Supply Chain Management enables departments, business units and corporations to predict problems in a short period of time, quickly arrange programs and processes, and manage the extended supply chain more effectively, enabling them to gain greater visibility in stocks, planning and programming.

SAP Supply Chain Management also covers other supply chain planning, execution and collaboration from the coordination. As an excellent supply chain solution, this product has been strengthened by proven methods and industry expertise acquired over thirty years in the field of supply chain leadership.

Business Intelligence [BI]:
SAP Business Intelligence solutions enable you to make effective, informed decisions based on tangible data and analysis. All users in different levels can benefit from the Business Intelligence solutions to access the information they need without being dependent on IT resources and developers. The networks contribute to making strategic decisions by transforming information, knowledge into decisions with Arli’s SAP Business Intelligence solutions. You can make quick and accurate decisions by analyzing real-time, consolidated, accurate data, summary and different breakdowns. You can also minimize errors by making simulations for future plans. You can access your Business Intelligence applications from any device (computer, tablet, phone) wherever you want, regardless of location and device.

With Caglar Arlı consultancy, all of the users in your enterprise can access, format, analyze and share information across the organization based on their level of authority. SAP Business Intelligence solutions enable you to:

Reporting: You can access the corporate data in reports to gain a more comprehensive understanding.
Interactive Analysis: You can use self-service business intelligence tools to answer instant queries and analyze data.
Advanced Analysis: You can determine trends from past data and predict potential gains.
Dashboards and visual elements: You can use interactive models to easily convert complex data into visual elements.
Data Discovery: You can combine Internet speed with the power of business intelligence to find instant answers to business questions.
Information Infrastructure: You can use a single information infrastructure to ensure that the right data is delivered to the right users at the right time.

Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP]:
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the common name for solutions that bring together companies to gain competitive advantage and ensure the efficiency and integration of operational processes, enabling the integration of all financial, human resources, accounting, production and logistics processes in general.

SAP has been providing its enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions from its tens of thousands of customers since 1972, with its competent consultant staff since different years.

Caglar offers special solutions for you by understanding your needs with the principle that Information Technologies should always be in a structure that facilitates your business activities, adds value and develops value.

With SAP Enterprise Resource Planning, you can manage, monitor and report all your processes through a single, integrated infrastructure.

Having signed many firsts in the field of Food, Education and Public Affairs, Çağlar also has process consultancy as well as application consultancy in its projects.