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Security Test

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Security Test

Even though security is very complicated and gradual, it is possible to get solution-focused answers to your security problem, basically in 10 simple steps.

Are your security devices software up-to-date?
Yes   No   Confirmation Other:
Are you taking backups of your network and security appliance configurations automatically, centralized and reliable?
Yes   No   Confirmation Other:
Do you have any remote access policies?
Yes   No  Confirmation Other:
Do you prevent your users from going to web sites that reduce security and reduce security to make their Internet access securely fit to job descriptions?
Yes  No  Confirmation Other:
Do you regularly check the system health of your security products?
Yes   No   Confirmation Other:
Do you have a backup plan for your system? Was this backup plan already tested and successful?
Yes   No   Confirmation Other:
Can you detect the traffic that is attempting to send harmful code to your system?
Yes   No   Confirmation Other:
Do you use ‘Load Balancing and Application Acceleration’ technology to ensure the continuity of the services you provide over the network and to improve service quality?
Yes   No   Confirmation Other:
Have you been taking measures to protect yourself from attacks against the most common web servers in recent times?
Yes  No   Confirmation Other:
Have you taken any measures to ensure the security of your database?
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