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Ages is committed to producing projects with international standards, where your needs are appropriate, user friendly, the latest web design techniques and coding are used.

Caglar’s main web design solutions with experienced and professional staff include corporate web sites, e-commerce sites and portals.

User Experience [UX]:
As the ages, I consider the target audience at every stage of my projects and I shape my work to the user’s level. User experience is the whole of what users experience when using a service, interacting with it, and afterwards. User experience components,
How the user will benefit from this process,

Whether the user has access to this benefit,

It is how hard the process is and how the user feels and how it feels.

Mobile Application:
With the spread of intelligent devices, the world is changing rapidly and expectations are different. People no longer want to use a different device for each job and devote a different amount of time to each job in their daily run. They want to meet all their needs with the devices they carry with them every moment.

At this point, Çağlar provides digital mobile solutions by paying attention to the comfortable use of the end user by the professional staff as well as considering the needs of the corporate companies.

Moreover, thanks to technological mobile devices that develop every day, our dreams and what we can do are boundaries. Caglar offers customers the opportunity to find mobile application ideas and develop existing ideas.

Ages are dreaming about iOS, Android and Windows8 phones and tablets, considering each platform separately and taking into account differences in user experiences. While developing mobile applications, Çağlar makes designs with the latest trends and makes a difference with its wide release support.

E-Commerce Portal [B2C]:
Caglar, in the last years of e-commerce, offers special B2C solutions to its customers.

What is Portal?
Internet sites that contain a lot of content are called gateways. Portals offer content and services in a general and specific sense from a single web interface.

What is B2C Portal?
It is the most known B2C (e-commerce system) that is made up of Business to Customer (direct end user) sales within the web based trading applications. B2C market, our webpages and virtual stores selling through the Internet more often than not. All transactions that allow companies to market and sell their websites are under B2C.

On B2C, customers receive the products they need from the company’s web site or from web portals or virtual stores where the products of the company are sold and the products of other companies are marketed. While the customer is ordering, he sends his credit card information to the website in electronic form to pay the same amount. This shop is completing shopping.

Reseller Portal [B2B]:
B2B (Business to Business) is a web-based e-commerce system that enables an operator to sell goods and services to other businesses. With this software integration, suppliers, partners and customers can perform transactions from the internet while the integration and automation processes of the companies are ensured.

Today’s business world requires constant competitive advantage. The fact that transactions are fast and cost-effective with B2B systems is one of the key points in getting this advantage. At the point of developing and managing B2B processes, Medyasoft is analyzing your B2B needs and working to provide you with the best solution.

Intranet / Extranet:
Caglar analyzes your needs on the Intranet and Extranet with their experience and offers you tailor-made solutions.

Businesses are called intranets for using Internet networking standards and web technology to create their own private computer networks.

While everyone on the Web is an open technology, the nature of the intranet must be private and kept away from the reach of users outside the enterprise.

Companies providing intranet security systems restrict access to the confidential information of businesses outside the business with specialized software. The electronic wall, which is expressed as an intranet, consists of software and hardware components that are located between the internal computer network used by the enterprise itself and the external computer network environment used for external processing.

It provides competitive advantage in many respects to the Internet and its intranet operations that are implemented around the inside of the business. While the Internet integrates business with the world, the intranet also integrates with its operating environments. Information required to be accessed by everyone in the organization is placed on the intranet by a web page arranged by the individual if desired.

It is becoming more and more important to promote your company with short and accurate information and to establish a strong communication network among your employees.

It would be correct if the intranet of the extranet operator would be opened by granting access to some users outside the enterprise. In extranet applications, businesses want to give some people and organizations they work with a limited access to the intranet used within the enterprise. Extranets are able to find application areas for a variety of purposes according to the nature of the work being done.

Extranet is more important for security than intranet because the corporate intranets become open to external affairs. In addition to electronic walls, security technologies such as passwords, cryptography, electronic signatures, etc., must be applied in order to ensure the security of the operator’s intranet.

Digital Publishing:
Caglar is the solution partner of institutions and organizations aiming to reach wide mass by carrying written and visual media to electronic medium.

Nowadays, the habit of accessing information from printed materials is rapidly being left to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The number of subscribers is decreasing day by day in printed publications. In the mobile world, our habits of reading are rapidly shifting to the digital world with the opportunity to pursue the relevant course. Digital broadcasting is becoming more important as the digital world is getting more and more popular every day. With the passage of written and visual media internets, companies are getting more targeted budgets and healthier budget.

Distance Education and Web Conferencing:
Caglar also offers e-Learning and Web Conferencing software to your customers. We are at your service with our solutions to save you money and time to ensure high efficiency.

Distance Learning Solutions
Technology should make e-Learning a rich and interactive experience, not a slow and boring necessity. That’s why Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro software offers an impressive interface and interactive tools to help attendees learn and learn about the topics you teach in virtual classrooms and participant-controlled courses. With templates and a content library, you can quickly design effective courses, check student attendance and follow student progress; so you can effectively train in a virtual classroom environment and reach all your goals with this topic.

Web Conferencing Solution
Now users do not sleep in boring and stagnant Web conferences. Adobe Connect software helps you engage with participants with rich media content and an interactive environment – one of the best features that people attend in person. You can share your screen with attendees using a Web browser and Adobe Flash Player software from anywhere, brainstorming on a whiteboard and also video conferencing. The stylish interface used is always accessible so colleagues from different parts of the world can instantly switch to this interface with a single click (without any time schedule, recording or plug-in downloading). Provide effective communication without spending time and money on trips.