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What is SAP One Program, SAP Consultant?
The most common searches and curiosity ratings on Google about SAP are “What is SAP, what is SAP program, what is SAP consultancy, where to get SAP consultant certification?”

What is SAP? SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) was founded in 1972 by the IBM employee Central in Walldorf, Germany. SAP software is the largest business software and software in the 4th software company and 4 different geographic areas.120 more SAP active companies, company software.

What do you do with enterprise software?
First and foremost you can provide online and online support via SAP. Performs the license sales of the program, advises on waiting. It provides training services for SAP consultants and certifies experts on their expertise.

SAP is a partner in partnership consulting. Having a business partnership and attaining these levels, they maintain their level and have efficient SAP services. Turkey Section Channel Partner Gold Partner level in the Partnership. To fit your business partner at this level, you need to partner: license sales, consulting, support management and support.

What kind of program is SAP?
SAP foresees compliance with the industry, rapid and effective decision-making and meeting high-level business objectives. SAP has several products:

ERP (enterprise resource planning)
CRM (customer relationship management)
SRM (Infrastructure Relationship Management)
SCM (supply chain management)
BOBJ (Business Object)
XIII (Production Integration and Intelligence)
ECC (Enterprise Center Component)
Under the section of the material called the module place. The logistics department is responsible for the Management of Materials (MM), Warehouse Management (WM), Service Management (CS) and Project Management (PS) …

What is SAP consultant?
It is the bridge between the existing processes of the companies and the SAP processes. The SAP consultants module module is allocated. FI Consultant, PP Consultant, MM Consultant .. It is not enough to specialize in modules. It is a difficult problem for certified experts in our country. With Medyasoft experienced SAP consultants, SAP certifies the applications and standard modules of the full cycle.

E Platform:
It is fully compatible with ePlatform e-Book process in the integration using “SAP e-Book Fast Integration Solution” specially developed for SAP ERP system. “SAP e-Book Rapid Integration Solution” is a high-performance, user-friendly and easy-to-use integration tool easily adaptable to updates published by the Revenue Administration.

Within this service, SEDAŞ will provide you with advanced and innovative features such as Central Support System, Setup and Update Wizard, Workload Balancing Infrastructure, Advanced Task Manager, Advanced Authorization Tool, User Information System, Real Time Display, etc. which are presented by ePlatform and can be accessed from ePlatform official web site. as well as a design infrastructure compatible with all mobile devices.

WittyCommerce, SAP Hybris E-Commerce Applications:
Evolving cloud technologies are pushing digital transformation into institutions that target their assets in the new world. It has become inevitable to offer individual experiences on each channel to reach the existing customers behind each Internet entity.

The interconnected objects of the International, which are expected to reach 75 billion by 2020, will launch a new era in trade.

Turkey also planned to increase in 2023 in line with the objectives of the national income, it will reflect on e-commerce and e-commerce penetration in a short period of time, which is expected to have 1.3% of the world average of 5%.

With Hybris’s integrated and ready-to-use content management platform, the effectiveness of e-commerce processes is increasing. Retail high-speed telecommunications in the next generation of e-commerce provides an advantage in many sectors.

Çağlar Arlı, SAP Gold Partner; signature on many successful projects in Turkey in order to be a reliable partner in the digital transformation of the institutions has taken. Since 1999, hundreds of corporate customers have provided end-to-end value added solutions, from digital agency services to customer experience management to enterprise management systems to training and outsourcing services. Among the customers of Medyasoft are THY, Ülker, Godiva, Ingbank, Novartis and Turkcell.

WittyCommerce is an e-commerce consulting company specializing in e-commerce, consisting of teams that have set up, managed and developed domestic and international e-commerce projects for many years. It serves in a variety of e-commerce areas such as business operations, strategy, marketing and software development. “In-Site Search” and “Suggestion Engine” software that support e-commerce ecosystem; “Conversion” and “Content Management” systems.

SAP Hybris Accelerator

Salesforce Partnership:
Ages will guide the transformation processes of companies with customer relationship management and mobile solutions expertise.

Partnering with Salesforce.com, the world’s number one CRM and cloud solutions provider, is good. Organizations that want to improve sales efficiency and sales closure rates and improve their sales pipeline may now receive support. Turkey’s leading company in enterprise resource planning, digital and mobile solutions projects were realized.

Deeper Connections with Customers with Social and Mobile Cloud Technologies
At Salesforce.com, we provide comprehensive and hands-on expertise in the following areas of functionality and potential for the Salesforce platform:

Sales Cloud for sales automation and contact management
Service Cloud for customer service and support solutions
Chatter for social co-operation
With salesforce.com’s cloud-based solutions, customers can now take advantage of increased collaboration, freedom to work anywhere, lower investment costs, seamless product upgrades, seamless integration capabilities and high adoption rates.

The Salesforce.com Cloud Alliance Partner Program has been developed for consulting firms of all sizes who are focused on developing specialized expertise, building customer success and increasing successful Salesforce implementations.

About Salesforce.com Cloud Alliance Partner Program
The Salesforce.com Cloud Alliance Partner Program provides a powerful set of resources and tools to help consulting partners accelerate the transformation of their client companies. Using Salesforce.com’s social and mobile cloud technologies, Cloud Alliance Partners enable customers to connect with customers, partners, employees and products in entirely new ways. With more than 4,500 members worldwide, this program manages and expands Salesforce business applications by providing technical and sales competencies, product training, pazarement expertise, infrastructure and support to its partners.

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