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I wanted to be a scientist when I was young. I wanted something big and new to make people happy and happy. Smiles and smiles on their faces were enough for me. But now I’m just an IT manager and sales marketer. But I’ve never lost it. I think how I can make people happy and smile by putting my heart and love in my work.

I received the first prize in the Remax Competition. In Art World I am using artificial intelligence and reducing the cost with expert systems. I got the first prize in the Agaoglu Competition. I have received the first prize in the Facebook Project Competition.Marketing Maneger And Job Developer … Viral Marketing and Product Placement Nasa Mars Project Fiscal March 6 2016 I got the right to travel and got the ticket … Tor Space Project. Defense System in Space …. Teb Mind Idea Competition What Patrons Want Me = https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZT39u0mbx8k My shopping portal: www.sahibindenkarli.com I have received sponsorship from redemption. The moment your dreams come true. It is not as hard as you think it is. A Brand New Video Work: A Human Idea A Business Startup https://youtu.be/1nggReD2wTc Mercedes Benz Contest Award. Marti Kanat Legend: Marti Kanat Koc University and Investor Relations Award in the Sky. Living Geometry Return to Nature. First Prize in the 2018 Foundations Arasi Contest. I am a Foundation Kursam. Twetter Project Achievement. The Internet of objects. Virtual Realism And Advice Marketing. WordPress Award. Best Article And Blog Entry. Tumblr Print. Social E Commerce With Blog Entries. Yapı Kredi Contest Printing. Banking New Nesille is Re-Coding. 1 Year Free Medline Health Package. Print the Invitopedia Partner X Trade Competition. Parachute method .. My new projects and my studies. https://sourceforge.net/projects/caglarin-greistirmeleri/files/?source=navbar Microsoft Printing and Odometer Excel Ask me. Business Channel Turk TV Iskolik invitation and interview. Real Sector and Finance Sector. Code: New Work in the field of SME Banking: New Code of Banking: X Gen. Best Analysis And Comment Award: Sevsen Aslantepe Name: My Children’s Mother.

In 2012 we started as an iron joinery and steel construction company established by sahriindenkarli.com in our business life in our business life with plastic joinery, aluminum joinery, glass systems with our valuable customers to serve as Arda Yapı Aluminum Building Systems.

Sahibindenkarli.com In addition to being involved in many successful projects in Bodrum, it also produces steel constructions, plastic joinery and aluminum joinery exports in Austria, Germany and France in many European countries. It is also a company that continues its activities with strong and determined steps that progress in the awareness of success.

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