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Huntr-Com-Bug-Bounties-Collector – Keep Watching New Bug Bounty (Vulnerability) Postings

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Huntr-Com-Bug-Bounties-Collector – Keep Watching New Bug Bounty (Vulnerability) Postings

New bug bounty(vulnerabilities) collector

  • Chrome with GUI (If you encounter trouble with script execution, check the status of VMs GPU features, if available.)
  • Chrome WebDriver

# python3 main.py

*2024-02-20 16:14:47.836189*

1. Arbitrary File Reading due to Lack of Input Filepath Validation
- Feb 6th 2024 / High (CVE-2024-0964)
- gradio-app/gradio
- https://huntr.com/bounties/25e25501-5918-429c-8541-88832dfd3741/

2. View Barcode Image leads to Remote Code Execution
- Jan 31st 2024 / Critical (CVE: Not yet)
- dolibarr/dolibarr
- https://huntr.com/bounties/f0ffd01e-8054-4e43-96f7-a0d2e652ac7e/

(delimiter-based file database)

# vim feeds.db

1|2024-02-20 16:17:40.393240|7fe14fd58ca2582d66539b2fe178eeaed3524342|CVE-2024-0964|https://huntr.com/bounties/25e25501-5918-429c-8541-88832dfd3741/
2|2024-02-20 16:17:40.393987|c6b84ac808e7f229a4c8f9fbd073b4c0727e07e1|CVE: Not yet|https://huntr.com/bounties/f0ffd01e-8054-4e43-96f7-a0d2e652ac7e/
3|2024-02-20 16:17:40.394582|7fead9658843919219a3b30b8249700d968d0cc9|CVE: Not yet|https://huntr.com/bounties/d6cb06dc-5d10-4197-8f89-847c3203d953/
4|2024-02-20 16:17:40.395094|81fecdd74318ce7da9bc29e81198e62f3225bd44|CVE: Not yet|https://huntr.com/bounties/d875d1a2-7205-4b2b-93cf-439fa4c4f961/
5|2024-02-20 16:17:40.395613|111045c8f1a7926174243db403614d4a58dc72ed|CVE: Not yet|https://huntr.com/bounties/10e423cd-7051-43fd-b736-4e18650d0172/

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