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Traffic to Tor node NTP port [closed]

Çağlar Arlı      -    21 Views

Traffic to Tor node NTP port [closed]

I noticed some strange behaviour on my firewall WAN interface last night, and then later on my LAN interface as well.

There seems to be traffic to a known tor node on port 123. I block all tor by default on my network, and I haven't seen this address before.

At first I saw it exiting the WAN side of my network, and now I see it originating from LAN as well. My time servers are the OS and firewall default, and this has never happened before.

I did a fresh format of my machine and router, and I'm still seeing the traffic, leading me to believe that there is a tor node in the NTP pool of servers. Any way I can verify this? How can i get ip of all time servers in the pool of servers.