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turning off windows defender and 3rd party antivirus company [closed]

Çağlar Arlı      -    89 Views

turning off windows defender and 3rd party antivirus company [closed]

This is a question that is not very helpful in practical terms, but I am asking it because of personal interest.

Windows Defender has generally positive features (antivirus feature) for most people, but some people want to reliably turn off Defender if necessary. So some programmers work hard to create a program that can reliably turn it off.

But when Windows is updated, the program is sometimes no longer able to turn off Windows Defender. So, they need to update their program.

But note that, if you install any 3rd party antivirus, Windows Defender turns itself off. So in some ways, 3rd party antivirus can be seen as having double functions :

  1. reliably turn off Windows Defender
  2. antivirus function

Then, the fact that the program can successfully perform both functions means the program can perform just one of the things - reliably turn off Windows Defender. Is this a bit of a hasty conclusion?

Then, two possibilities remain in my mind.

  1. The programmers who develop programs to turn off Windows Defender are not as skilled as programmers in an antivirus company.

  2. Antivirus companies meet Microsoft regularly and they receive some secret code/method that can turn off Windows Defender.

Am I thinking right? Please let me know about this issue.