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How to brute-force password of a GUI application? [duplicate]

Çağlar Arlı      -    22 Views

How to brute-force password of a GUI application? [duplicate]

I have forgotten the exact password to a locally installed Windows application I use. There is no password reset function.

What I need is a way to use a source file of the various words/characters and then pass them to the single field in the pop-up window, this should cycle through the various words/characters combinations from the source file.

The password entry window is persistent until the correct password is entered. The password entry window always appears in the same location when the application is active.

If an incorrect password is entered, the field becomes unavailable for data entry for a period of time and then clears to allow entry of new data. There is no password rejected error prompt that requires clicking to clear.

Is there any software that can pass password lists to the app window and if unsuccessful try again?

This is not a UAC secured password prompt - it is generated by the application and uses a unique hash/obfuscation that can not be directly targeted.