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ADCSKiller – An ADCS Exploitation Automation Tool Weaponizing Certipy And Coercer

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ADCSKiller – An ADCS Exploitation Automation Tool Weaponizing Certipy And Coercer

ADCSKiller is a Python-based tool designed to automate the process of discovering and exploiting Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) vulnerabilities. It leverages features of Certipy and Coercer to simplify the process of attacking ADCS infrastructure. Please note that the ADCSKiller is currently in its first drafts and will undergo further refinements and additions in future updates for sure.


  • Enumerate Domain Administrators via LDAP
  • Enumerate Domaincontrollers via LDAP
  • Enumerate Certificate Authorities via Certipy
  • Exploitation of ESC1
  • Exploitation of ESC8


Since this tool relies on Certipy and Coercer, both tools have to be installed first.

git clone https://github.com/ly4k/Certipy && cd Certipy && python3 setup.py install
git clone https://github.com/p0dalirius/Coercer && cd Coercer && pip install -r requirements.txt && python3 setup.py install
git clone https://github.com/grimlockx/ADCSKiller/ && cd ADCSKiller && pip install -r requirements.txt


Usage: adcskiller.py [-h] -d DOMAIN -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -t TARGET -l LEVEL -L LHOST

-h, --help Show this help message and exit.
-d DOMAIN, --domain DOMAIN
Target domain name. Use FQDN
-u USERNAME, --username USERNAME
-p PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD
-dc-ip TARGET, --target TARGET
IP Address of the domain controller.
-L LHOST, --lhost LHOST
FQDN of the listener machine - An ADIDNS is probably required


  • Tests, Tests, Tests
  • Enumerate principals which are allowed to dcsync
  • Use dirkjanm's gettgtpkinit.py to receive a ticket instead of Certipy auth
  • Support DC Certificate Authorities
  • ESC2 - ESC7
  • ESC9 - ESC11?
  • Automated add an ADIDNS entry if required
  • Support DCSync functionality