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How can I port scan my p2p device?

Çağlar Arlı      -    9 Views

How can I port scan my p2p device?

I have a device and I am trying to port scan it. I did the basic nmap -A -p0- 192.168.0.x but I am just getting 0/tcp filtered unknown so I don't think it is working. The device works on p2p so I am thinking that is why it may not be working. I read that p2p does not use ports but I don't even know how that works or is possible.

I do know it has to have some port open because I can connect to it through my phone and secondly when I wiresharked my phone while it is connected to the device I can see that multiple packet's are being exchanged on my LAN (Because I am seeing my phone 192.168.0.x and the device 192.168.0.x exchanging packets) on port 40123.

So what can I do here, my goal is to understand how the communication works so I can replicate it and code my own functionality into it and make sure my devices are secure.