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Spring4Shell-Poc – Spring Core RCE 0-day Vulnerability

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Spring4Shell-Poc – Spring Core RCE 0-day Vulnerability

Description of the vulnerability: https://www.cyberkendra.com/2022/03/springshell-rce-0-day-vulnerability.html

Construction of the POC: https://github.com/BobTheShoplifter/Spring4Shell-POC

Steps to Build/Run

Tested with JDK 11.0.14, Spring Boot 2.6.5, and Apache Tomcat 9.0.60

  • Run mvn clean package to build the application
  • Rename demo-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.war to spring-poc.war and copy this .war file to Tomcat's webapps directory
  • Run python exp.py --url http://localhost:8080/spring-poc/greeting
    • If successful, the message 漏洞存在,shell地址为:http://localhost:8080/spring-poc/tomcatwar.jsp?pwd=j&cmd=whoami will be logged.
    • You should now see the file tomcatwar.jsp written to Tomcat's webapps/spring-poc directory. This directory can be changed by modifying exp.py.
      • $ (1)
    • Go to the url to see the result of the shell command
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