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Exploiting Android 10

Çağlar Arlı      -    34 Views

Exploiting Android 10

I have a phone in which I have a remote shell and is rooted I am also capable of running a meterpreter and I have one established too.

Now what I want is to get chats of Instagram dms from the device or get login password to the instagram just from the meterpreter or shell.

I thought of 2 ways:

  1. I see the direct.db file in /data/data/com.instagram/folder This method works but it has all the chats jumbled and unarranged Also it does not show older chats.

  2. I know of that if the app has saved login I can just fully make a backup of the app and restore it on another rooted device to them relogin without issue and I have done it before it works but I don't know how to do it using meterpreter I need physical access to the device.