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ASSAMEE – Free Advance Encryptor For Anon Cloud

ASSAMEE – Free Advance Encryptor For Anon Cloud

ASSAMEE is a free Advance encryptor for Anonfiles. It uses an advanced encryption method to encrypt the directory with AES-256. The data will store on anonfiles.com in an encrypted format. The ASSAMEE requires a download ID to download and decrypt the data from Anonfiles. Downloading encrypted data directly from anon files via a browser will not work.

ASSAMEE Required Packages.

  • Zip
  • Curl
  • openssl
  • jq

The above-required files need to install with the PKG installer option in ASSAMEE console.

Operating System

ASSAMEE Works perfectly on the operating system listed below.

  • MacOs Big sur v11.6.4
  • Kali 2.0 and above
  • Parrot Linux
  • Ubuntu

Anonfiles API Key

Get Your API_KEY from https://anonfiles.com/register

  • First, register yourself, and you will get 100GB of storage.
  • Login to Anonfiles and grab your API key from here
  • Open ASSAMEE.sh with your favorite text editor and paste the API Key in the Anon_key variable.


git clone https://github.com/samhaxr/ASSAMEE
chmod +x ASSAMEE.sh

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