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NetAnalysis® v3.1 Released

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NetAnalysis® v3.1 Released

Introduction to NetAnalysis® v3.1

NetAnalysis® version 3.1 continues our quest to add further support for mobile browsers. This release adds support for eighteen new browsers, namely 7 Star Browser, Naver Whale on desktop and mobile platforms, Opera Mini on mobile platforms, Opera Touch on Android, Opera GX on mobile platforms, Dolphin Browser on Android, Brave on mobile platforms, Opera on mobile platforms, QQ Browser on mobile platforms and UC Browser on mobile platforms.

We have also added new artefacts for existing browsers, giving us a total of 142 new artefacts for this version. For a full list of changes, see NetAnalysis® v3.1 Change Log.

UC Browser on Android and iOS

UC Browser is a cross-platform web browser developed by mobile internet company UCWeb, a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group. It is primarily targeted at mobile platforms and is extremely popular in India, Indonesia and China. It also encrypts many of the databases used to store user data.

In this release of NetAnalysis®, we have enhanced our support for UC Browser on Android and iOS. We can now decrypt History, Most Recent Visited History, Search Data and Bookmarks.

Decrypting UC Login Data on Android

We have also added support for decrypting usernames and passwords.

NetAnalysis Decrypting UC Browser on Android LoginsNetAnalysis® Showing Decrypted UC Browser Credentials

Zone.Identifier Recovery

With the release of HstEx® v5.1, we have added the ability to search and recover MFT entries containing resident Zone Identifier data. This provides us with a lot of information regarding the original file. The recovered data is easily read into NetAnalysis® for examination. The image below shows a number of recovered Zone Identifier entries. The Information panel shows the associated MFT attribute information along with the Zone Transfer data from the Zone.Identifier stream.

NetAnalysis showing HstEx recovered Zone.Identifier StreamsNetAnalysis® Showing Recovered Zone.Identifier Streams from Resident MFT Entries

Change Log

The full list of changes can be found here: NetAnalysis® v3.1 Change Log.

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