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HstEx® v5.1 Released

HstEx® v5.1 Released

Introduction to HstEx® v5.1

HstEx® version 5.1 continues our quest to add further support for mobile browsers. This release adds four new browsers, namely 7 Star Browser, Naver Whale, Opera Mini and Opera Touch. We have also added additional support for existing browsers and added 53 new recovery profiles. For a full list of the changes for this release, see: HstEx® v5.1 Change Log.

New Recovery Profiles

This release has added support for a number of new artefacts. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Safari on iOS State Tab Entries
  • Safari Cloud Tabs Entries
  • Safari Cloud Tab Device
  • Firefox on iOS History
  • Firefox on iOS Bookmarks
  • Firefox on Android History
  • Firefox on Android Bookmarks
  • UC Browser on Android Encrypted Login Entries

HstEx Recovery Job ConfigurationHstEx® Recovery Modules and Recovery Job Configuration

Recovering Zone.Identifier Alternate Data Streams

With this release of HstEx®, we have added the ability to search and recover MFT entries containing resident Zone.Identifier Alternate Data Streams. The Zone.Identifier stream, associated with a download, contains a rich store of properties that may be relevant to an investigation. NetAnalysis® provides an easy way to examine, and perform analysis on these streams. HstEx® allows an easy way to process an entire forensic image (or other source) recovering Zone.Identifier streams contained within live and deleted MFT entries. HstEx® can also recover this data even if the file has been deleted, the volume has been formatted, or the partition deleted.

HstEx Recovering Zone.Identifier ADS from MFT EntriesHstEx® Recovering Zone Identifier Data

Change Log

The full list of changes can be found here: HstEx® v5.1 Change Log.

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