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What’s New in NetAnalysis® v3

What’s New in NetAnalysis® v3


Version 3 is a major release of NetAnalysis® and adds over 200 new artefacts as well as new support for mobile and portable browsers. The user interface has been completely re-written and adds major improvements and new features in a number of key areas. We have improved the layout of the user interface, with the goal of improving productivity, and added support for light and dark themes. Our grids now boast powerful Excel-style column filtering with easy access string, number and date filtering. Another key feature is the built-in Properties Examiner with powerful examination, analysis and reporting of browser preferences.

In combination with HstEx® v5, NetAnalysis® is the most powerful, comprehensive, browser forensic analysis suite available. However, don’t just take our word for it, take it for a spin and see the powerful features in action.


NetAnalysis v3 New User Interface

Enhanced Filtering

Our grids now support enhanced Excel-style column filters. The menus contain two tabs: Values and Filters. The Values tab allows the user to select specific values or value ranges. The Filter tab allows the user to create custom filters using comparison operators that match the data type. The video below shows the Filter for a Date column in action.


New Filter Editor

The Filter Editor allows the user to build complex filters with an unlimited number of filter conditions combined by logical operators. The visual styling of the Filter Editor has been improved to make it much easier to view, edit and build powerful data filters.


NetAnalysis Filter Editor

Progress Filtering

We have also enhanced the Progress Window with the same column filters. When processing data, it is now easy to filter rows containing a specific status. This makes it a simple process to review the log for warnings and other status values of interest.


New Properties Examiner

The Properties Examiner allows the user to view and perform detailed analysis on the various Preference values set by Mozilla and Chromium-based browsers. You can search, filter, group, sort and even print reports on the extensive property sets available. We have added support for saving and loading Property Filters to make it easier to identify items of interest. Various timestamp property values are automatically converted to Date/Time values and displayed in their own column. Property types are identified by a small icon before the Property Name.


NetAnalysis Properties Examiner

Filtered Properties can easily be sent to a NetAnalysis® Report where the data can be exported in a number of different formats, including PDF.


NetAnalysis Properties Report

Improved Search Index

The Search Index database is a powerful feature of NetAnalysis® and has been enhanced in this release. It allows the user to rapidly search across the text extracted from the input data and identify key items of interest. We have updated the search syntax to include wild-card characters. The image below shows how to use a wild-card search to identify all email addresses in the search index:


NetAnalysis Search Index Email Address Wildcard

Change Log

To review the full list of changes for this release, please see: Change Log v3.0.

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