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VirtualBox + VPN with Win10 Host – how secure is it?

Çağlar Arlı      -    13 Views

VirtualBox + VPN with Win10 Host – how secure is it?

I got a notebook running Windows 10 from my company which I am officially allowed to use privately. I have to travel a lot. I don't want to carry a second notebook. Since the admins have access to the device, like for company administered browsers, updates or whatever, I don't want to use it without an extra layer of protection from their monitoring.

So I installed VirtualBox with a Mint OS guest. The virtual drive is encrypted. Inside the guest system, I installed mullvad VPN.

How safe is this setup? Is there any possibility to check if there is maybe a keylogger or something like that running in the host system compromising my security? Where are the potential pitfalls of this setup?

I don't want to use it for illegal things (of course) but I don't want my company to be able to read private emails, chats, know my account balance when I check my credit card bill abroad, see what I watch on Netflix or whatever, see what I shopped and stuff like that.

What's your opinion on that?