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When an “Outstanding” rating from CNET isn’t enough

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When an “Outstanding” rating from CNET isn’t enough

The editors at respected tech site CNET/Download.com recently awarded Malwarebytes for Windows with an “outstanding” rating of 4.5 stars out of five. In the review, editor Tom McNamara recommended Malwarebytes because the scanning engine is of “high quality,” it works well with Windows 10, and does a good job of explaining processes in plain English. Malwarebytes for Windows was one of the very few security programs to earn more than four stars from both the editors and CNET/Download.com users.

CNET Malwarebytes Windows

So you’d expect that it would be champagne, fist bumps, and free kittens all around for a job well done here at Malwarebytes Galactic HQ.

Nope. All we can think about is that half star that we didn’t get. Perfection is hardcoded into our company DNA. It has to be.

Because, the way we figure it, a cybercriminal has to be is right only once, on one computer, anywhere on this big spinning top of ours, in order to be successful. And cybercriminals are taking a lot of shots—our products detect approximately three million pieces of malware on millions of devices every day. Every day. Which essentially means our job is never done.

This is the brutal math that keeps us up at night: millions of devices to protect, zero successful malware attacks. So we’re constantly tinkering with the Malwarebytes technology to make it smarter. In fact, the next version of Malwarebytes for Windows, version 3.3, is just around the corner. It’s our best protection yet—and we set that bar very high.

Now don’t get us wrong: We’re thankful and humbled by CNET’s recognition. Four and a half stars means we’re doing a really fine job delivering a malware-free existence to our customers, but that remaining half star is on our minds, no doubt.

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