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Looking Ahead to MIRcon 2014

Looking Ahead to MIRcon 2014

As targeted cyber attacks become increasingly prevalent, today's cybersecurity professionals are being tested like never before. The upcoming Mandiant Incident Response Conference (MIRcon®) - October 7 & 8, 2014 - offers attendees the chance to hear insights from some of the most respected and influential voices in the world of cybersecurity.

The two-day event - which is now in its fifth year - will give attendees the opportunity to network with peers while learning new best practices, case studies, and instructions on incident response, malware analysis, reverse engineering and computer forensics.

MIRcon 2014 will also feature keynote presentations by three distinguished speakers:

  • Kevin Mandia, FireEye Chief Operating Officer
  • Keith B. Alexander, retired four-star Army General
  • Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, the nation's most renowned astrophysicist and science communicator

Included in the two-day agenda are Incident Response (IR), Research & Development (R&D), and Management track sessions. The IR track will feature cybersecurity experts such as Aaron Beuhring, Kyle Salous, Devon Kerr, and Jason Wood discussing various topics, which include:

  • APT detection with whitelisting and log monitoring
  • How attackers use windows script host to maintain persistence
  • The disconnect between testing and real attacks

The R&D track will include many experts such as Zubair Ashraf, Jason Coleman, Xeno Kovah and Amanda Stewart discussing:

  • The use of machine-learning techniques to augment IOCs
  • Using full packet capture to enhance incident response
  • Symbiotic APT groups

Finally, the management track will also feature an array of cybersecurity professionals such as Kevin Boyle, Brian Finch, Shannon Lietz and Jacob Kitchel sharing insights on:

  • Compliance risks in APT attack response & defense
  • Enterprise cloud security via DevSecOps
  • The challenges of security in a large utility

Tues., Oct. 7 will conclude with a "Code of Arms" reception and beer tasting featuring an array of craft brews from a renowned east coast brewery. The discounted advanced registration rate is available until Fri., Sept. 12. For more information regarding MIRcon 2014 and to register, click here.

Stay tuned to the blog for more details and exclusive coverage of the 5th Annual MIRcon event.